Wine Gallery

Four years ago when the owner of Ellerman House, Paul Harris, decided to create a unique space to showcase South African wines, the brief he gave to the architectural and design team was to come up with an original concept for a wine gallery, rather than just a tasting room or cellar – something that had never been seen or done before anywhere in the world.
The end result is the collaborative genius of a dynamic and diverse team of highly creative South Africans, led by architect Michael Dennett, sculptor Angus Taylor, blacksmith and sculptor Conrad Hicks, industrial designer Brian Steinhobel, and designers Trevyn and Julian McGowan of Southern Guild and Source.
‘The wine gallery is much more than a functional space – it’s a work of art,’ comments Harris. Here, tasting the finest wines from the Cape’s local vineyards or sipping a 20-year old brandy is elevated to an experience that touches all the senses. Integrating contemporary architectural design solutions with breathtaking sculpture and cutting-edge design, the wine gallery invites you on an interactive journey into the wonderful world of wine.

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Experiential wine tasting centre, bar and interactive wine library
Brandy tasting lounge
Red and white wine maturation cellars for vintage and rare bottles
Champagne cellar, stocking rare and special vintages of Dom Perignon
Cutting-edge technology meets ancient craft forms and natural materials
Inspired by the handcrafted nature of iconic wines, as well as the organic nature and structure of the vines, the vineyards and the terroir
Natural materials, such as wood, granite and metal, left in their raw natural state to weather over time, revealing their innate, intrinsic beauty
Total size of wine gallery: 202.76m² or 2182.49ft²
Three-bedroom Ellerman House Villa Two above the wine gallery

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