A slender ribbon of land 180 kms wide and 4.329 kms long, Chile encompasses a incredible array of landscapes and climates such as vineyards and volcanoes, lakes and rivers, verdant rainforests and arid desert plains. With this natural diversity, the country also lends itself to myriad adventure, relaxation and indulgence opportunities – including hiking, fly fishing, wine tasting, glacier-viewing boat cruises, and forays into the untamed wilderness.

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For the most part, electrical sockets (outlets) Chile are the “Type C” European CEE 7/16 Europlug. Also reported to be in use is the “Type L” Italian CEI…

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Currency – Chilean Peso (CLP; symbol CH$) = 100 centavos. The local symbol is simply $. Notes are in denominations of CH$20,000, 10,000,…

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Standards of hygiene are generally reasonable in Chile, and should not cause visitors any undue concern. Tap water in the cities is fine to drink but it…

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Due to its long coastline, clearly Chile’s weather is extremely diverse and unpredictable although it is seasonal in much of the country. Summer…

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There are frequent services between main cities. The southern part of the country relies heavily on air links and reservations are essential. Flights are…

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When visiting the warmer areas of the country during the warmer months, bring lightweight, natural fabrics. During the wet season, you’ll need to…

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Lake District

A region of glittering cobalt waters, snow-capped volcanic peaks and dense alpine forests, the Lake District is renowned for its exceptional scenic beauty. This attribute –…

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San Pedro de Atacama

The small town of San Pedro de Atacama is a scenic oasis in the Atacama Desert, surrounded by the imposing volcanic peaks of the Chilean altiplano…

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Torres del Paine National Park

Torres Del Paine National Park is a biosphere reserve that spans over 242.000 hectares of pristine landscape, including waterfalls, ice-capped mountains and a series of lakes…

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The Chilean capital is a cosmopolitan and atmospheric city where ancient architecture meets modern skyscrapers, historical attractions are interspersed with contemporary art galleries, and people of…

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