Lake District

A region of glittering cobalt waters, snow-capped volcanic peaks and dense alpine forests, the Lake District is renowned for its exceptional scenic beauty. This attribute – along with its rich indigenous cultures, excellent cuisine, and prolific outdoor and adventure activities – has made it a popular holiday destination with local and foreign tourists alike. Most visitors pass through the towns of Temuco or Puerto Montt to access the area, but its true gems are the numerous national parks with their spectacular vistas. Additional highlight attractions are the towns of Pucón and Puerto Varas, where you can engage in a plethora of extreme sports, dine at a profusion of excellent restaurants, or soak in the healing thermal springs peppering the surrounds.

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Hotel Vira Vira

Set in a marvelous native park and surrounded by stunning Volcano’s (some active and some asleep) and right along the shores of the peaceful Liucura…

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