The name of this city has become synonymous with the horrors of war, but Hiroshima is so much more than the target of the first atomic bomb. The city has used its massive moral authority to become an eloquent voice for peace in our world, with the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum being the focal point of its pacifist message.Despite this devastating chapter in its past, Hiroshima is a city that looks forward more than backwards. It’s located in a particularly beautiful region of Japan, with the Inland Sea and Chugoku Mountains close by.If Hiroshima’s sombre past ever threatens to overwhelm your visit, then the city’s excellent cuisine (famous throughout Japan) could just be the answer. So proud are the people of Hiroshima of their regional delicacies that they have established eating tours of the city, which can even be undertaken by bicycle. This is probably a good idea, given the fact that you’re bound to want to have a second helping of every dish. All that pedaling could help you burn off some of the extra calories! You may arrive in Hiroshima with a slight sense of foreboding, but you’ll leave filled with peace.

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