Tokyo is immense – in every sense. It’s an incredibly dynamic city that reinvents and renews itself while you watch. New fashions and trends come and go almost daily, and while it’s impossible to keep up, it’s also an exhilarating experience.The street fashion and street food are inspiring and exciting, or you can go upmarket and book a table (with luck) in one of the world’s best restaurants. Glittering skyscrapers tower over wooden temples, and you mustn’t miss the chance to look down on the city at night. It’s a never-ending sea of twinkling lights that symbolises the incredible energy of the place.Always conscious of tradition, Tokyo is nevertheless exploring the future and pushing boundaries at full speed. If it’s been a few years since your last visit, you may not recognise Tokyo today. Some things, however, don’t change – your favourite noodle or karaoke bar is probably still there, and the giant cartoon sculptures and the cobbled streets. Be sure to check out the epicentre of street fashion, Harajuku, and the youthful, music-video energy of Shibuya – it’s quite a rush.

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