It’s easy to lose all sense of time in Marrakesh, with its maze of narrow alleyways, donkey carts, snake charmers, castanetists, acrobats, story-tellers, dancers, water-sellers and potion vendors to pique your interest and entertain. If you don’t find all of these as you journey through the winding streets of the ‘Red City’, you will be sure to find them and much, much more at its famous markets. Marrakesh has the largest traditional market (souk) in Morocco and one of the busiest squares in the world (Djemaa el Fna). At night time, the square transforms into an enormous, open-air restaurant.

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Unwind in Morocco

Explore the mysterious labyrinthine medina, dark hiding places, ornate palaces and lively bazaars that adorn the city, little changed despite centuries of evolution. Smile at the donkey carts clodding along cobblestone streets, and the wheelbarrows brimming with sticky sweets and saucepans, only long enough to dodge the moped challenging your…

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Riad Adore

Riad Adore is a cool, chic, contemporary 10-bedroom riad in the very best area of the Medina, close to the souks, the monuments and the main square. Newly restored by the celebrated architect Christophe Simeon, Riad Adore offers guests discreet luxury and first class service in the very heart of…

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