At the intersection of the Dades and Draa Valley lies the relatively small (60 000 inhabitants) and, by Moroccan standards, quiet town of Ouarzazate. The town is surrounded by some unbelievably picturesque terrain characterised by the red-glowing kasbah at Aït Ben Haddou; the snowcapped High Atlas; and the spectacular Sahara Desert with its vast canyons and gorges. These exotic backdrops have served as the location for a slew of Hollywood movies which have turned this once sleepy town into Morocco’s version of Hollywood. The town is a popular stopover point for tourists on their way to the Sahara. Its palm-fringed boulevards are lined with grand palaces, bustling souks, old adobe buildings and plenty of film studios. Despite its Hollywood influence, the town has managed to retains a relaxed atmosphere, making it an ideal location for hanging out at one of the many charming cafés, sampling some delicious local Moroccan cuisine and perhaps even spotting one of the many celebrities who frequent this fascinating North African city.

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Explore the mysterious labyrinthine medina, dark hiding places, ornate palaces and lively bazaars that adorn the city, little changed despite centuries of evolution. Smile at the donkey carts clodding along cobblestone streets, and the wheelbarrows brimming with sticky sweets and saucepans, only long enough to dodge the moped challenging your…

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