The charming Atlantic coastal city of Rabat is a little more laid-back than some of the other Moroccan destinations that we’ve looked at – perhaps because it receives fewer visitors. It’s palm-lined boulevards, kasbah (fortress) and walled medina feel calmer. There’s the same labyrinth of narrow streets you may have experienced elsewhere in Morocco, but it’s not quite as intense an experience.Morocco’s Atlantic beaches are the ones to visit, and Rabat also has impressive Roman ruins at Chellah (though the best of these are at Volubilis near Meknes, halfway between Rabat and Fes).Rabat’s stand-out attraction, apart from its chilled vibe, is the Hassan Tower. This was originally intended to be part of an immense mosque, but work was halted when the sultan who had commissioned it died early in the construction.Today the striking red sandstone tower is surrounded by dozens of unfinished white columns, making for a very photogenic setting with the contrast between the red walls and pale columns, as well as the palm trees and blue skies.

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