Sun City

To picture Sun city, imagine your stereotype city. Now remove the grey corridors of the parliament building and replace it with the shining columns of ‘The Lost Palace’. The Post offices become parties, police officers become bartenders and local dog parks become internationally recognised wildlife tours. Sun City takes everything amazing, and puts a fat cherry on top.
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The city is located a mere two hours outside Johannesburg, and the journey makes for a spectacular countryside experience. Though driving is only an option, with the destination easily accessible with a quick flight. Some areas will have you thinking you’re in Vegas, while others have the natural, secluded feel Africa is proud of.

Accommodations come in all shapes and sizes. From 5-star luxury hotels and spas to your own private, extravagant unit away from the crowd. Every area has a host of unique activities, from a gigantic water park, to the largest permanent maze in the southern hemisphere, to safari Big-5 tours guided by master gametrackers. Sun City really has everything in one place.

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