Jackson Hole

The picturesque valley of Jackson Hole is flanked by the sweeping Teton and Gros Ventre mountain ranges, jagged peaks that offer powdery skiing in the winter and beautiful hiking in the summer. The term 'hole' was used by early frontiersmen, who had to descend along steep slopes in order to access the valley below giving the sensation of entering a hole. These magnificent low-lying valleys are surrounded by mountains that serve as a winter playground for visitors to Wyoming’s highest-profile ski resort, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The vibrant base village buzzes with activity, thanks to a number of charming hotels and timeshare complexes, as well as restaurants, stores and a ski school. In the summer the valley transforms into a dazzling wilderness which is blessed with an extraordinary abundance of wildlife and makes an ideal destination for summer hikes, playing golf and adventurous horseback riding.

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