Ellie Russell

Ellie Russell

Ellie Russell

“Unforgetable adventure and so well looked after!” We had a wonderful fortnight carefully arranged so that we could experience as much of Nambia as possible, but also that we didn’t feel rushed! It was good to know that though we were far from home and in totally new surroundings we had people at the end of the line who were there to help and advise if we needed them. From the moment we arrived and were greeted at the airport Charlotte and David made sure our holiday was everything we could hope for. We stayed in a range of different lodges, from small family run places to five star resorts in the Namib desert. We enjoyed the company of travellers from around the world.

Highlights were (of course!) seeing so many different animals, watching honey badgers and porcupines scuffle over food from an evening hide, laughing at the locals who insitsed on wearing ear muffs in the morning due to the ‘cold’, a personal tour of the skeleton coast and a balloon flight at dawn over the Namib desert. Since our return we’ve recommended this company to our friends and two other couples have also had a fabulous time out in Namibia with Ati in more recent years. Now married with children we’ve been waiting for them to be old enough to appreciate (and remember) such an adventure. Not long til we’re back again…

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