Jan and Judy Richards

Jan and Judy Richards

Chose region – left the rest to ATI – Never disappointed! We were very lucky having ATI as our first and only enquiry point at what has, and continues to be a rolling Annual Holiday programe since 2006. Our Self-Drive packages have covered everything that is needed to give you a most enjoyable stay, and even to the satisfaction of revisiting some venues chosen for us, such as Huab Lodge, Anib Lodge, Okanjima Cheetahs, Cape Cross, Mushara for Etosha Park, and the Okavango Delta – once by Road & Boat, but the most spectacular was the Island hopping trip by small plane through Botswana.

What is a great comfort is that ATI’s care of your holiday starts well before you leave home (UK), and then land at your destination airport to be greeted and transfered to the starting point, with the fullest of briefing as you start your adventure, because that’s what it is ! We treat the Windhoek welcome lodge at Rivendell like home, as it gives you time to unwind and prepare at your own pace with no pressures, and the Staff are so helpful. Having visited many Southern Africa countries, we are again off to Namibia for Christmas, our only sin in our Grandson’s eyes is that we’re not taking him this time, as the trip he came with us was the best ever he’s had – all down to ATI. Well, must start packing, so wish all readers good Holiday hunting.

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