Olive and Keith Barnett

Olive and Keith Barnett

Olive and Keith Barnett

Namibia is a beautiful country and Ati a superb introduction. Their attention to detail, documentation and helpfulness could not have been better – particularly when my wife was hospitalised twice during our trip (the problem having nothing directly to do with Namibia).

Throughout our visit we felt totally reassured by the hlp and support given and we cannot praise Mureal and Monica highly enough for the care they showed us at all times. The itinerary itself was everything that we had hoped for complete with superb accommodation and being met at all times with smiling friendly beautiful people. Ati obviously know their subject in great depth and |I can only add that if you require superb scenery, wonderful accommodation and peace of mind at all times, then travel with Ati

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Located in southwestern Africa, Namibia boasts a well-developed infrastructure, some of the best tourist facilities in Africa, and an impressive list of breathtaking natural wonders….

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