Ashley Shaw

Ashley Shaw


I am an entrepreneur and Open Source Geek with a passion for anything WordPress related. My open source passion started with Linux in 2002. I am actively involved in the Cape Town Internet community and a regular attendee of geek networking events like 27dinner, Geek Dinner, WordCamp and more.

Since 2011 I have been organising WordPress meetups & the WordCamp Cape Town event. These WordPress events help connect me to the network of WordPress fans / professionals in not only my local area, but on an international level.

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WordPress strategy is where I have focused much of my time since 2006. Through my company, LightSpeed, I focus on building websites using WordPress and related software like BuddyPress, bbPress, premium plugins and themes.

Usability is of key importance in web development. I conduct various forms of usability testing from an early stage in development and after launch.

I have extensive experience as a SCRUM Project Manager offering consulting services to clients like Naspers / Media24. More recently my project management services have evolved to include business analysis, planning and specifications.

Account management, sales, marketing and networking are part of my regular responsibilities. Networking is one of my strengths, and this combined with my passion for what I do makes me a goods sales person for my company.

Specialties: WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress, blog strategies, social network design, public speaker, wiki strategies, website review, conversion analytics, usability engineer, website statistics analysis, social media strategist, social media speaker, training, marketing research, online research, communication, presentations, wiki workshops, blogging, blogger, social networking, podcast, Linkedin, open source server infrastructure

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