Iggi Vermaak

Project Manager

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Consistently voted the happiest country in the world, the little nation of Bhutan is set at the far eastern end of the Himalayas, between India…

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Lumberjacks, beavers, hockey fanatics, Mounties and maple syrup spring immediately to mind. While Canada certainly provides all of these traditional associations in abundance, this awe-inspiring…

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South Africa

A rollercoaster of activities, sights and cultures. From world class game reserves, to glamorous cities, and nothing but wine, sandy beaches and African horizons in…

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Due to the vast amount of fauna and flora conservation in Botswana, the country is a lavish, untouched piece of nature. Boasting the largest concentration…

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Hong Kong

With its iconic city skyscrapers overlooking Victoria Bay, Hong Kong is China at its most modern and sophisticated. Its bustling streets are lined with designer…

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Best of Botswana

Every country has a highlight – that one thing that puts it on the map. Botswana is different. It offers several of the most sort…

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